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Moroccan weaving is an intricate art form, which has caught the attention of renowned designers around the world. Over the centuries, this traditional art form has developed into an important area of ​​artistic expression.

Traditional Moroccan weaving has become the favorite of international designers. There are three main types of Moroccan patterns: geometric, floral and figurative. In traditional weaving, women were responsible for all the steps before dyeing, from the selection of the wool to its washing, carding and spinning. Contemporary women weavers are more involved in local markets, where they have extended their production process to dyeing and marketing products to tourists.

Biyadina offers a wide selection of traditional Moroccan weaves, consisting of made-to-order rugs, carpets and other textile items that you can use for your decorating projects.

Discover the joy and complexity of Moroccan weaving by creating beautiful projects. You will be able to add a unique, handmade piece to your interior decoration.