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BIYADINA.COM maintain its efforts agreed towards the Moroccan handicraft by mobilizing all his resources and expertise in order that the Moroccan artisanal reach the international level. The effort is upgrading to the e-commerce, an efficient tool to make the artisanal goods available worldwide.

This action was undertaken based on the group policy to introduce always the newest technique. It responds also to the government will aiming the development of the numerical practices in various activities. Our commitment to the artisanal sector come from our collective responsibility, which is deeply, embedded in our cultural background  in one hands and in the other hands the positive effects on the artisans by promoting  local entreprise and strengthening them in a participating way to reach international level.

The platform developed provides a full range of goods to satisfay all desires and suits them the most. I certify that all our products are handmade from natural materials and customers with high level of quality. Shopping with us is safe and support the independant artisan by offering them the oppurtinity to developp their business.