Securing Payments


This new mode of purchase is based on the use of the secure payment system “Telecommerce Morocco”.

The electronic payments security system put in place by Morocco Telecommerce is certified by the Center Interbank payment systems (CMI), the Moroccan Banks and the international organizations VISA and MasterCard.

The Morocco telecommerce system guarantees the confidentiality of your banking data as it is based on the encryption of information exchanged and is based on standard technologies [dv1] and recognized and proven internet concepts. In addition, your banking data is transmitted directly to the interbank electronic payment center (CMI). CMI supports financial transactions between your bank account and the merchant.

You can buy on line safely with your credit card.


Standard technologies and concepts used


  • Data encryption :

When online, information is exchanged according to several levels of security. Using a key system, and special algorithms, makes it impossible to decrypt the data .When transited payment, Morocco Telecommerce uses the most common encryption  and secure technologies on the Internet.


  • Securing credit card payments:
    1. Control CVV2 for VISA and CVC2 for MasterCard.
    2. Implementation of Visa / MasterCard standards (VbV, Secure code) securing bank card payment transactions on the Net: strong authentication card’s process using mechanisms by PIN or password.


The strong authentication service 3D secure of foreign cards:

Morocco Telecommerce and CMI are certified 3D-Secure. MTC platform can apply strong authentication (based password / pin agreed with the customer’s bank) for international cards with 3D-Secure (VISA VBV cards, MasterCard Secure Code Cards). For this type of card, the liability of fraud is the responsibility of the customer’s bank.

MTC does not ask for any authorization to CMI if the client has not authenticated to the bank.


The authentication service of online Moroccan cards payments

Always at the forefront of innovation, Telecommerce Morocco and Moroccan local banks (Banque Populaire as driver tester) are launching a customer authentication service for their online payment transactions via the platform Morocco Telecommerce (MTC).

This service enables all holders of Visa, MasterCard or cmi, to make online payment transactions in optimal conditions of simplicity, security and speed.


Using the service:

During a payment transaction on an affiliate merchant site MTC, in addition to regular banking details such:

• Card number

• Expiration date

• 3 digit security code

The client must authenticate by entering a secret code that is not on his credit card. This code is sent by the bank to the customer.

Indeed, the result of the client’s bank authentication is communicated when requesting payment confirmation via parameter «3D Secure Result “. Also, when consulting details of the payment, you will be able to view this information in the back office space monitoring online transactions.